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Photography Sessions

If you have any others questions about my photography maternity, newborn and family sessions or any other services that I did not address here, please feel free to e-mail me and I will make sure that I will get back to you ASAP. If you do, I will also add them in here.

So, Thank You! for taking the time to read about ways for you to have the best experience in my sessions.

1. Where am I located and do I do home sessions?

My photography studio is located at 14 Boscawen St, Rochedale South, Brisbane. At this stage I am not offering any in home sessions as I do have a studio space. My newborn and sitter sessions are done in the studio, but maternity and family sessions can be done in the studio or outdoors as long as the location is within 30 minutes from my studio.

2. Best age to photography my newborn baby?

The best time to photograph a newborn baby is between 5 to 15 days old. After this time, the newborn is a little harder to settle and sometimes the baby acne and colics start to develop. In saying that, don’t hesitate to contact me if your baby is older, I do know how to pose awake babies, and I can assure you that I will get the most beautiful images of your baby.

3. How long does a session last?

On an average a session will last as follows:

  • Maternity 1 to 2 hours
  • Newborn 2 to 4 hours
  • Sitters 1-2 hours
  • Fresh 48 hours 1-2 hours
  • Family 1-2 hours outdoors and 2 to 4 at the studio

Typically put 4 hours on a side for each session so we can take breaks, take time for cuddles and feeds.

4. Do I do newborn and family sessions?

Yes, I always love to include siblings and parents and this will be something to discuss with you prior your sessions.

5. How long in advance should I book my session?

For maternity sessions, the best time to photograph your growing belly is between 30 to 37 weeks into your pregnancy. At this stage you are still able to move freely without feeling uncomfortable: the closer you get to your due date, the harder it will be for your body. Again, nothing is cast in concrete, so call me and we will do your session exactly as you want it to be.
For newborn sessions it is best to book once you know your due date. If you book only when the baby is born, I will most likely not be available.

6. Do I have my immunization up to date?

Yes. I totally understand the concern of new mums and their new baby’s health. I am fully immunized, and so is my family.

7. How do I book.

I book your spot with a $100 deposit for the session day. I only do 2 sessions a week, so booking in advance will allow me to have those extra days to schedule your due date and to have availability for your real birth day.

8. Do I need to bring any props?

For newborn sessions I have a variety of props, from hand made here in Australia to props from overseas vendors.
For maternity sessions I have a beautiful collection of dresses.
The only thing you have to bring is that special something – like a favorite dress that you want to be posed with.
We will discuss your choices in a pre-consultation session which will be done by phone or e-mail.

9. Do I do only maternity sessions only?

Yes, I have lots of options from single sessions to bundle sessions.

10. When will I see my images?

Within 2 to 3 weeks after the session I will invite you to see your enhanced gallery. My gallery is between 20 images for single sessions to 40 plus for lifestyle sessions. I do not offer an online gallery, as I do love to help you decide on your final image choice, your final products or wall art selection. If you are out of Qld then I do have a work-around step to overcome that.

11. How many images will I receive?

The amount of images you receive will depend on the collection you choose on the viewing day. I do want to say this: you will be shocked by how many images you will want to have. For a price list please contact me ☺.

12. Will I receive the images un-edited or raw?

All my images are professionally enhanced to fine art images. I am not able to supply Raw or un-edited files.

13. Do I receive all the images on the viewing day?

Yes, you will receive all your chosen images as long as the payment is done in full on the viewing day. If you choose a payment plan, then the images or collection will be delivered once the payment is done in full.
If we have wall art, then these pieces are delivered within a week or 2 from the date of the order.

14. When and how do I pay?

You can pay on viewing day in the studio, by bank transfer, or we can make payment plans with interest free rates.

15. The mums on your website are looking amazing, will I look the same?

All my work is done with regular mums and not models…they do come with their hair and makeup done. If you can’t do that I can bring my makeup artist and this can cost somewhere between $160-$250 depending on the availability of the make-up artist.
I know how to pose my pregnant mums very well. I use lots of material to shape their bodies. I also do know my studio equipment and can use it to create beautiful and flattering images of any body type. You don’t need to know how to pose, I will direct you. You just need to show up.

16. I am not feeling confortable being photographed nearly naked…but I do love nude images.

My specialty is to photograph pregnant woman at any levels of dress or undress. We will start with photographing your fully dressed body and then we can work with softer materials till you feel confortable. You don’t need to take off your clothes to feel great; mostly, all my nude images are more subtle – not explicit, and I always have some fabrics around your body.

17. Can I bring someone with me at the session?

Yes, your partner and children are always welcome. I will ask your partner to collaborate in the session while I photograph your baby, I direct you or I do touch ups. I do not photograph extensive family sessions in the studio.

18. Do I shoot wedding, birthdays or extensive families?

As much as I adore weddings and parties, maternity and newborn photography are my specialization, plus I am booked with these sessions and it would be crazy to add something else.

19. Will I use your images on my website?

I would love to use all the images from the sessions; however, I totally understand if you want to keep your images private. I will not share your images if I don’t have your permission: this is the first thing we sort out in our session agreement. In short I will honor whatever level of privacy you like.

20. Do I do black and white images?

Usually in my gallery I do have some black and white images, depending on the look of the image and if this is suitable. If you’d love more black and white please let me know so I can accommodate that. Lifestyle sessions and fresh 48n hours are perfect for this look, but I can do your entire gallery in black and white.

View my image gallery HERE , Click HERE to send through your enquiry or call me direct on 0405 468 587

See you at the studio!
X Victoria

A close up portrait of a 5 weeks baby boy wrapped with a white wrap


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