Felling the bond

breastfeeding sessions

Felling the bond

This is the main reason Ive started playing with photography.

I wanted my children to have these memories, to be able to go back in time and look at their mother with love and be proud of our journey together.

This was my breastfeeding session and the photographs were taken by Ella Moscu Photography and I am so happy that I have done this session. After the session our breastfeeding journey was almost at the end and Keith was ready and I felt that.

We went back to Romania for a long holiday and when we come back to Australia this circle was complete. He is a big boy now, we still have our bond but now is just a bit diffrent. I have printed this image on a big framed canvas and will be the highlight in our home.

I do offer breastfeeding sessions in my studio and I do call them “The Bond” sessions. But these sessions are not only for breastfeeding, there are sessions designed for you and your baby, whatever he is 2 weeks old or 20 years old. The bond between a mother and her child is forever.

What a better way of showing your love to your children than freezing the moment in time. Just imagine you child coming home form his travels and you and him sitting and looking at these images. and bringing back the happy memories.



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A close up portrait of a 5 weeks baby boy wrapped with a white wrap


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