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Maternity and newborn photography mentoring. Maternity workshops in Brisbane

For maternity and newborn mentoring, find a mentor that will guide you and one that can give you open feedback, one who will push your limits to help you become a better person and a better artist.

Everyday we need to learn something, and sometimes starting with a mentor is the best thing you can do to start your journey. You can lean so much from their experience; you will learn about the mistakes they have made; and you can avoid them, making your newborn photography journey safer and faster. But let’s not forget that newborn photography will be learned through lots of work – that’s what will lead to experience.

Maternity Photography Mentoring in Brisbane

I have leaned for years by myself before I started to learn form the best newborn photographers in the industry like Kelly Brow, Luisa Dunn, Sandra Hill and Russ Jackson, to name a few. They have made a mark on my work, and lots of my results are due to their passion and energy.

I wish to share my mistakes and what I’ve learned with you, so that we can learn and grow together. I hope that after the mentoring session you will have a better grasp of how to take the perfect images with the perfect light and best posing angles, and I hope you will sharpen your awareness of the safety requirements in this line of work.
I am confident that after our journey together you will be calm and positive during your sessions, and this positive energy will extend to your personal life and spread to your family members as well. I want you to create a happy work-life balance, to have the strength to get over difficult times, and to be happy when creating those cherished images that will last a lifetime.I would love to see how you grow and succeed in life, and I would love to see your evolution. That’s why my class covers many areas.

What we would learn together

The workshop is held in my home studio in Rochedale South Brisbane. All attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance along with a startup kit to give you a good start.

My maternity and newborn sessions are held separately. For maternity a pregnant model will be available and we will photograph her with natural light as well as studio.  For newborn sessions, a baby and his beautiful mum will be our models. For any sessions you will be able to use these images for your portofolio.

My session workflow is established in such a way that we will cover all the information needed for you to start your newborn photography, or to build a stronger photography foundation. I will answer all your questions, and we will concentrate on things that will make your job a dream job.
The mentoring sessions are held for a full day; you will be served lunch and snacks, and we will have enough time to talk and share my knowledge and experience acquired so far.

We will cover in the maternity and newborn photography workshop?

• Preparation for the session
• Posing bags and props
• Parents posing
• Discover your style
• Angles & composition
• Camera settings
• Natural light vs studio light
• Post processing

• Product suppliers and props
• Workflow
• Portofolio review
• Safety in newborn posing
• Newborn posing
• Styling and wrapping
• Q&A

Your investment

Mentoring 1:1 investment: $1000
Group Mentoring investment: $850

A deposit of just $100 upfront is required to secure your spot.

The final payment is due 2 weeks prior to your workshop.

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