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Newborn photography studio in Rochedale South Brisbane

Yes, I do have a home studio. This is because it fits with my current life and family needs and in someway I don’t think I want to change that.

I am Victoria Burcusel, maternity and newborn photographer and Lifetime Stories Photography Newborn Studio is located in Rochedale South Brisbane and this is my little studio story.

newborn studio

This little space is my humble beginning in my newborn photography journey. I did photography for many years, different styles, in clients homes, but my style has been developed in this space.

I know that this is not my ultimate space as our plan of extending the studio is in process and making my dream studio space is not far …the good part is still an extension of my home.

My space is cosy and it is homely, it is perfect for parents to relax and listen or watch a movie while I have their little one. I have created the space in such a way that parents can watch the entire session in front of them and seeing how I take care of their precious gift, the siblings can play in front of the parent and still be out of my way and without disturbing my photography session.


Newborn photography studio photos

If you want to see more photos with my studio, please visit Our studio link 

All my maternity and newborn sessions are held during the week. I love that  I can enjoy my weekends with my family.

My studio has two big windows and I can do the session with natural light as well as artificial light, as I currently invested in Einstein professional lighting studio. The Einstein lights will help me to have sessions later in the day or on cloudy days when the light is not there. I have all the props needed for any type of photography session, outfits for mums and toddlers, and the newborn outfits are a dream. I know safety is paramount and all my posing techniques and props have been designed with newborn safety in mind. In my newborn journey, I have participated in many professional workshops with well-known photographers in the industry like Kelly Brow, Luisa Dunn, Russ Jackson, Sandra Hill and many others. I am constantly learning and I am very active in online education platforms looking for the latest information in the photography industry.

newborn baby sleepingMy style is simple and clean and I focus all my attention to my main subject a beautiful newborn baby. I use similar tones of colours and I prefer more neutral than strong and striking colours. I believe that the focus should be on the new baby and I don’t want my props or colours to distract from this.

I like to believe that my sessions and not just point and shoot sessions. My newborn photo sessions are done with you in mind, I want to understand what would you love to have on your walls, how would you like to photograph your baby your maternity session, who do you want to bring with you at this unique moment in your life? All this information will be discussed with you and communicated with you before the session, during the session and after the session. I want to make sure that you will love your images and your photographs will be cherished for life.  You and I will get along very well:).


Lifetime Stories Photography Newborn Studio is located in Rochedale South Brisbane and this is my little studio story.

I am Victoria Burcusel, maternity and newborn photographer and I hope you like my little space and I hope that I will see you soon for a maternity photo session, a newborn session or a family photography session.