Pregnancy and Maternity Photography

Pregnancy and Maternity Photography

Pregnancy and Maternity Photography

What do you see when looking at a pregnant woman?

You see love, a great bond, you see hope, patience and beauty.

The human body is amazing. I remember when I was pregnant, my body changed so much, and I started wearing all the large outfits…and not because it was a trend but because they felt comfortable.

For my maternity session I did choose the most amazing dress: yes, I did buy one, and I never wore it again…but I wanted something special just for this special occasion.

So this is what I am going to talk about.

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As you will see online and in magazines, there are different ways to style a pregnant woman. It is important to understand what feels good for a future mum. Some women will be happy to pose naked or just using a few pieces of fabric to show that beautiful bump and the beautiful changes in their bodies. Some mums are not so comfortable and will chose a fuller and longer dress to cover more of their body; and this is what we have to embrace. Not only does the mum need to dress in the best clothes for her, but she has to dress in what makes her feel great and beautiful. There is no point dressing a mum in dresses that do not reflect their beauty and spirit. In what concerns a photographer, I think that once you show your photography style, those mums attracted to your style will come and embrace the entire experience.

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Now if clothes are important, hair and makeup are also important. The makeup needs to be done in a way that reflects the new changes on a pregnant woman’s face. Keep in mind that choosing the right clothes and the right makeup will be reflected in the images, and these images will be left from generation to generation, so it is important that the photos convey the happiness and emotions experienced during the shoot.

Being pregnant is an important period. This is the time when we need to start loving our round shape given by the little human growing inside. This emotion and magical time will be captured by your Photographer. So choose a photographer that reflects your style, choose it wisely so you will look at your images with love and remember these magic moments fondly.

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Now let’s not forget that during a pregnancy session it would be great to involve both parents. There is no grater joy then seeing the interaction between the parents and their little growing treasure. The images captured will show your growing love, and your little human will look back one day, feel loved, and cherish and show these images to his children.

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I hope you enjoyed this little journey into the beautiful pregnancy world.  I will be making a new blog on some posing ideas, so keep an eye on the page.

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