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“If you are a pregnant mum, a fresh new mum or a dad, I carefully listen to your desires, what you want to create and achieve with your maternity and newborn images. It’s more than just an image on the wall; it’s your story.”

Victoria Burcusel

Now you get to know about me and my life filled with passion for photography to capture and tell your Story.

I’m Victoria, an enthusiastic maternity and newborn photographer in Brisbane, in the small community of Rochedale South. Born in Romania, I emigrated to New Zealand at the age of 27, then moved to Australia, which I now call ‘home’ and this is my little story:

After years of playing with photography in many photographic areas more for my personal ego, my goal became clearer when we moved to New Zealand as in the process I lost our entire journey. I can tell that you it was not a fun experience and I didn’t want to happen again. Also somehow I knew that I am not the only one who lost their story.

Deep down, I was always attracted by photography but in a world where women were not yet empowered to dream big, I lost myself a bit. And after about 15 years of self-discovery, I felt more confident than ever before and decided to start my own business.

Because of my lost story as an immigrant, because of the lost moments close to my family, I want to create value for your family, I want you to have your very own personalized experience and to decorate your home with your personal art: artwork that matters and that will be enjoyed for years to come, and not an art what will be forgotten on a hard drive, on a usb or a cloud.

So what lights me up?

The look in a mum’s eyes when contemplating their newborn photos, celebrating their amazing bond, their motherhood and about life itself.

The birth of our children, the feeling of belonging to a family, the legacy we leave to our children, this is what matters most…this is my light.

So, that’s me: a Romanian daughter, a New Zealand mum and wife and an Australian home and business owner…but more than that I am happy to have you as my friend.

Top Reasons to choose Lifetime Stories Photography

Discover what makes Lifetime Stories Photography studio a haven for you and your newborn in Brisbane area.
  • 1. Many years of experience in maternity and newborn photography

    While there may be a lot of photo studios in Brisbane, it is important to find the right photographer;

    The one who carefully listens to you and understands your needs, the one who cares for you and ultimately delivers you outstanding results.

  • 2. The promise of a completely safe and clean environment

    When choosing Lifetime Stories Photography, you benefit from a completely safe and spotless studio.

    For your comfort and peace of mind, we’ve created a smoking-free and pet-free environment.

  • 3. Strong desire to celebrate and capture the miracle of life

    As a mum, I understand your infinite joy of becoming a parent, with sleepless nights but so much love for your baby.

    To celebrate this with you, I document his/her journey of coming into your world and create memories through genuine photography art.

  • 4. Commitment to creating memories that last for a lifetime

    At Lifetime Stories Photography, I never compromise on quality.

    No matter the package you prefer, I will do my best to capture these special moments in your life, translated into timeless state-of-the-art images you will treasure forever.

Lifetime Stories Photography Studio

Our studio is comfy, cosy & filled with beautiful props, backdrops, baby wraps, hats, headbands and let’s not forget amazing dresses for you mama!


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