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What does a visit to Lifetime Stories Photography look like?

Before the session, we will have a phone consultation, where I go over what to bring/what to wear, as well as really plan out your personalised photography experience to the finest detail, so we can get the vision for your session and get to know each other.

I have a collection of dresses, materials and props that can be customised, we will make sure that we capture the most beautiful moments during your session. My studio is purpose build, very relaxed and safe with a homely feeling.

This is where we will capture your priceless images and we will celebrate everything you love. I have everything sorted out and ready to go and it’s quite an exciting and fun experience.

About 2 or 3 weeks after the session, once the images are enhanced, you will come back and see them in person. I will prepare a slide show with your image and you will get to sit back, relax and hold your images in your hands.

We can design your wall art that suits your style and home design and I  will help you make your final decision and you will choose only the images you absolutely love.

Maternity photography experience

If you want to capture the beautiful journey of becoming a mum, we recommend you a maternity photo session, when you are 28 to 35 weeks of pregnancy. For your comfort and convenience, I will help you choose the most suitable outfits and thus, plan your session to the finest detail.

Whether you bring your own clothes or use our studio wardrobe, we will make the most of your experience. Remember you are special and unique and so is your maternity session.

Types of maternity photography sessions:

  • Simple Studio Session

    If you want to capture the natural look, you would love the organic and timeless images I will prepare for you. And since ‘less is more’, the wardrobe is usually white or minimal colour pallet.

  • Classic Sessions

    Beautiful, elegant and classic images will never go out of style. Using a selection of silk and material draping, maternity gowns and lace robes, you will feel relaxed and pampered the entire time you are here.

  • On-Location Sessions (within a 20 km radius from Lifetime Stories Photography studio)

    For your comfort and convenience, I would be happy to create the perfect atmosphere for a maternity session at home. You (and the tiny life inside you) matter most!

Newborn photography experience

You don’t want to miss those heartwarming smiles, giggles or that cute ever-changing face. The best time to do this is when they are under 2 weeks of age before things like colic and baby acne start to flare up. To make sure we catch the right moment, contact me at any time during your pregnancy. We will make a tentative booking date based on your due date.
  • Simple Studio Session

    If you love the organic and timeless images then this is for you. Since ‘less is more’, the wardrobe is usually white or minimal colour pallet.

  • Classic Sessions

    I will carefully photograph your baby in different props, with different coloured wraps & accessories, while making sure your baby feels comfortable at all times.

Family photography experience

At Lifetime Stories Photography, we strive to create a comfortable environment, so that you and your family will always have the best time here. During the photo sessions, while I focus on the mother and the baby, I make sure that I involve your partner and siblings, too.

Remember you are in good hands. I will guide you through a series of poses designed specifically for pregnancy and/or babies. And, of course, I will connect with you, your partner and family in a way that allows me to capture genuine expressions.

If you will like to to photograph the milestones of your baby: 6 months, one year old  I will require for both parents to be presents at the session as your little sitter will start to explore more the studio.

Outdoor family sessions are always done at the sunset, as the light is soft and very glowing.

Special offers

When you book your newborn photo session with us, you get a complimentary maternity session. 

Let us capture the most beautiful moments of your life!
A studio is not just a photographers’ workspace; it is the place where long-lasting memories are created, one guest at a time. From the moment you arrive here, you can unwind and make yourself at home.

Lifetime Stories Photography will provide you with a clean, safe and intimate environment. All you have to do is enjoy your experience.

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Our studio is comfy, cosy & filled with beautiful props, backdrops, baby wraps, hats, headbands and let’s not forget amazing dresses for you mama!

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