Newborn Photography Brisbane. Newborn portraits to hold forever.

There are no words to describe how deeply in love you will soon be with your tiny little person. But there are images that can tell your story. They are a lasting reminder of your love.

Fragile, small, and beautiful, your baby will spend their first few days trying to know a whole new world. These precious early moments pass in a flash, and once they are gone, you can’t turn back time. As a Brisbane best newborn photographer, capturing your tiny miracle is my absolute delight.

My photographs record the love in your eyes, the joy of being a parent, the emotion, and the pure beauty of your little one. The timeless images of your newborn will recreate these precious moments over and over again, and you will cherish them forever.

What to expect from a newborn photography session?

  • Booking time

    You don’t want to miss those heartwarming smiles, giggles, or that cute ever-changing face. The best time to do this is when they are under 2 weeks of age before things like colic and baby acne start to flare up. To make sure we catch the right moment, contact me at any time during your pregnancy. We will make a tentative booking date based on your due date. Once your baby is born, we can schedule your newborn session.

    Products and session deposit fee can be seen here.

  • Consultation session

    From the moment you call me, I will assist you every step of the way. Before the session, we’ll have a consultation session just to be sure you know exactly what to expect and be as comfortable as possible during your baby’s session. We’ll talk about your colour preferences, posing, baby outfits, style, etc., and tailor a baby photo session that suits your wishes.

  • Session time

    Newborn photographic sessions are relaxed and unhurried, with plenty of time allowed for cuddles, settling, feeding, and changes. The studio is warm, comfortable, and properly sanitized.

    In my sessions, I incorporate beautiful natural props, colours and tones to create that timeless style. Each newborn session includes a range of adorable poses with soft fabrics and hand-made knits, all provided for you.

  • Viewing and products order

    Following your session, I select the best 50 to 60 images, and you can choose your favourite ones. If you and the kids are tired, we will arrange another selection day. I spend a significant amount of time to post-process the images. Each portrait is carefully edited and turned into a beautiful work of art. I will guide you on the best way to design your wall art and provide you with a lovely selection of beautiful prints, canvas, frame stories, keepsake albums and boxes to choose from.

Session type:

  • Simple Studio Session

    If you love natural and timeless images, then this is for you. Since ‘less is more’, the wardrobe is usually white or minimal colour pallet so that your baby is the main subject of the photographs.

  • Classic Sessions

    I will carefully photograph your baby using different props and different coloured wraps & accessories while making sure your baby feels comfortable at all times. The portraits will be simple and classic, yet capturing the beauty of your baby.

    There is no other experience quite like having a little bundle of joy. Celebrate the arrival of your baby and remember all these precious moments with timeless newborn portraits.

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