For you Mum
Boy shorts in black, pretty bra&panties sets or strapless bra in pastel, white, nude or black, a few tops like white&black, a fun T-shirt maybe your partner’s, pre-preggo jeans, flow skirts and dresses, fitted dresses and accessories like jewellery, scarves. We can use high hills for long dresses but for your safety I will prefer without.
Some really nice online shops include are:AJE, SABO SKIRT, BABY LEMONADE, VICI, PETAL & PUP,

for Dad
Jeans, dark pants & khakis, white &black long-sleeved shirts, white&black T-shirts, any accessories he will love the baby to have in the images.


For siblings
For boys- jeans, dark pants & khakis, white &black long-sleeved shirts, white&black T-shirt.
For girls- jeans, tutu, white &black shirt, pastel, cream and white dresses.

Some Suggestions & Tips

  • Pregnancy sessions require you moving in ways you are not used to, and therefore they can be exhausting to the body. I suggest you to try and get a good night sleep, eat a well balanced meal with carbs and protein, drink lots of water and stay off your feet for 1-2 hours before your session.
  • I suggest making sure your partners and children also have a meal before their session.
  • I do provide bottled water but please bring some snacks for your session, as I am not sure about your dietary requirements. Throughout this time you may get hungry so we recommend bringing a snack with you.
  • For all sessions: If you can do your hair by a professional makeup artist will be amazing, if not place some curls into your hair, light makeup and lots of mascara. fake lashes are the bomb.
  • A good manicure and pedicure will make you feel and look great (for newborn just clean nails with no nail polish is enough.)
  • For you mama I’ve got all the dresses in the studio, but also when selecting your clothes please choose the same tonal range, as well as the same style ie glam or casual.