Pregnancy is one of the most special moments in any woman’s life.
So, thank you for choosing Lifetime Stories Photography to capture this incredibly special time in your life.
Your session will take place in my studio, located at Rochedale South, Brisbane and depending on the type of session you will love to have, we may go on outdoor location within 30 minutes distance from the studio.

          The consultation

Before your photo-session, we will connect in studio or by zoom. This will be the time when you and I design the mood board of your session, discuss your vision and select the wardrobe. This is the time when you can ask questions and you can tell me if there is anything I should be aware or if you want something special for your session. I will send you a Maternity Information Form for you to complete so I can arrange all the details.

        The Best Time
To photograph your maternity session is when you are between 28 -35 weeks through pregnancy, with a full&round belly but you can still move comfortably.

        The Wardrobe
I will help you choose your outfits and personalise your session to be as unique as you are.
I have plenty of dresses for you to choose from and you can bring your own wardrobe. Please come with comfortable clothing, as the studio has all the dresses for you.

        The Maternity Session Day
The maternity session is between 1-4 hours depending on how many dress changes and set-ups you want to get and possible on outdoor location. Usually for a 5 image collection we will do 2 dress changes one white and one in colour, for the 10 image collection 4 dress changes, and for over 20 image collection 5 dresses.

***As you will come with hair and makeup done please book a night out and enjoy your special day.


Maternity session types:


In my studio I have a variety of maternity photography sessions you can choose from.

Simple Studio Session
If you want to capture the natural look, you would love the organic and timeless images and exactly that  I will prepare for you. And since ‘less is more’, the wardrobe is usually white, minimal colour pallet and simple outfits.

Classic Sessions
Beautiful, elegant and classic images will never go out of style. Using a selection of silk and material draping, maternity gowns and lace robes, you will feel relaxed and pampered the entire time you are here.

On-Location Sessions
For your comfort and convenience I usually do the nature session within a 20 km radius from Lifetime Stories Photography studio. I would be happy to create the perfect atmosphere for a maternity session at home studio so you and the tiny life inside you can be comfortable and that matter most!

If you need inspiration you can see my work over the Maternity Gallery Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest and if you have any other questions regarding your maternity or newborn session, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I am here to help and create the most amazing experience for you and your family.