Brisbane Maternity Photography experience is all about your story

 Pregnancy is the most unique time in every woman’s life. It is humbling, beautiful, and life-changing. But most of all, it is an emotional journey you will never forget.

It all starts with the little kicks, the hick-ups, the twisting, and turning. And as your body do the work of creating precious life, you may want to remember this one of a kind experience forever.

At Lifetime Stories Photography, I would love to document your motherhood story. I create elegant and timeless portraits that celebrate you and the sweet little one growing inside you. Portraits over which you will feel happiness, love, affection, and pride. Portraits that have that magic power to transport you back in time over and over again.

The beginning of a powerful story

There once was a time when women were shy of their bodies during pregnancy and afraid of seeing themselves in a way they never have before. Over the years, though, they’ve worked tirelessly on their self-confidence and realized how beautiful and strong they were the whole time.

Maternity portraits make you feel empowered, ravishing, and confident. They are proof of self-acceptance and make you feel good inside your own skin. That’s the real power of maternity photos.

Each photography session is tailored to capture your inner strength and beauty. So, if you are expecting and want to preserve the unique moments of motherhood, I am here to provide you with an unforgettable experience and stunning imagery.

Let’s celebrate the miraculous life within you!

When booking a maternity photography session, you need to know I’ve got you covered:

If you want to capture the beautiful journey of becoming a mum, I recommend you to have your maternity photo session when you are 28 to 35 weeks of pregnancy. This is the best time to show off your pregnant belly.
  • Consultation session

    Before the session, we will have a phone consultation. We’ll discuss wardrobe, style, posing and plan out your personalised photography experience to the finest detail. This way I make sure that your expectations and vision become reality.

  • Different outfits

    Don’t forget you are unique and so is your maternity photo session. I have a beautiful collection of elegant dresses and natural materials such as satin, silk and organza in my studio. I will help you choose your outfits and guide you on posing in order to look perfect

  • Location at your choice

    Whether you would like to have the maternity photo session in my studio or outdoors, be prepared to have an exciting and fun experience. You will also get outstanding portraits and memories that last a lifetime.

  • Viewing and products order

    After the session, you will get to sit back, relax, and select the photographs and products you want to purchase. We will design your wall art that suits your style and I will help you make your final decision and choose only the images you absolutely love – soulful, classic, and timeless portraits.

    If you feel tired we will organise another day for you to come back and see your beautiful gallery.

    Products and session deposit fee can be seen here.


  • Simple Studio Session  If you want to capture the natural look, you would love the organic and timeless images I will prepare for you. And since ‘less is more’, the wardrobe is usually white or minimal colour pallet.
  • Classic Sessions Beautiful, elegant, and classic images will never go out of style. Using a selection of silk and material draping, maternity gowns, and lace robes, you will feel relaxed and pampered the entire time you are here.
  • On-Location Sessions within a 20 km radius from Lifetime Stories Photography studio

Few things are as magical as the feeling of the sweet little one growing inside you. Don’t miss your maternity journey and make memories with your baby bump.

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