Newborn photography session with baby Ivaan in my Rochedale South studio

Newborn photography session with baby Ivaan in my Rochedale South studio

Baby Ivaan newborn photography session at six weeks of age.

Grishma and her husband immigrated to Brisbane, Australia, 6 years ago. They are originally from Nepal and the hardest part after moving here was that they have missed their family a lot. I can really relate to this feeling: as I am writing these words my hearts skips a beat, my eyes get filled with tears and I feel a weight on my chest. Being far from your parents is the biggest challenge when you move to another country wanting to know for sure that your children will have the best future.

Portrait of a newborn baby kissed by his mother with a beautiful smile on his lips in a lifestyle newborn session in Rochedale South photography studioNewborn feet in dads hand by Lifetime Stories Photography Brisbane

During Ivaan’s lifestyle newborn session as well as traditional newborn photography session, I remember Grishma saying how hard it is not to have friends, and how once you’re pregnant it is even harder to make new friends. Not only that, but we all know that motherhood is lonely: making time to meet new friends while you have a newborn baby in your arms, being sleep deprived and sometimes not knowing what to do is not easy.

Parents holding their newborn baby in a newborn lifestyle sessions done by Lifetime Stories Photography in Rochedale South Photography StudioNewborn Lifestyle session with baby Ivaan and his parents in Rochedale South photography studio by Victoria Burcusel

So my goal is to get as much feedback from all the mums that come to the studio, so that you can see that we are all the same. We all struggle, we have the same fears, but we should support each other – that’s as simple as saying something nice to another mum at the park: reach out, say ‘hey mama, are you ok?’ We should really focus on that instead of judging each other on our motherhood skills (which happens a lot, but we can change that!).

Newborn baby sleeping on his back by Victoria Burcusel maternity and newborn photographerParents looking at their baby boy in a newborn lifestyle sessions by Lifetime Stories Photography South Brisbane

Grishma called me to do Ivaan’s newborn images when he was almost 6 weeks old. At this stage I knew Ivaan was not a newborn baby anymore so we have decided to mix the traditional newborn session with a lifestyle newborn session, and ooohhh  boy this was a great as this this little baby can smile and be active like he’s at a party – well, ok, maybe a party for babies.
He was the most engaging baby, watching me with his with big eyes and wearing a big smile for the entire session.

Newborn baby boy at six weeks of age photographed by Lifetime Stories PhotographyBaby lifting his arm in a newborn photography session with baby Ivaan by Lifetime Stories Photography South Brisbane

I am sure you can  see from his newborn images that his eyes were following me everywhere. Yes, I did manage to make him fall asleep by wrapping him very well, and after lots of love, patience, bouncing and shushing noises…he fell into a deep sleep. And that window was the time we managed to get his newborn images.
The rest of the sessions was designed as a lifestyle session: because this lil’ man was having too much fun, we decided to let him naturally interact with his parents – and that’s when we got the most genuine and beautiful images from the entire session.

Black and white image of a newborn with his parents by Lifetime Stories Photography South Brisbane Maternity and Newborn PhotographerTraditional wrapped newborn photography session in Rochedale South studio by Lifetime Stories Photography South Brisbane

A newborn photography session is recommended  to be done at 5 to 15 days of age.

But, mama if you missed that window of 5 to 15 days for newborn photography sessions, don’t be scared to call me and do your session even if your baby is at 6 or 11 weeks of age. My sessions in my Rochedale South studio are designed and created to accommodate your baby. My priority in each session is to listen to your baby and do what he feels than he can do.

Newborn Photography of a Baby boy wrapped and sleeping on his back photographed by Victoria BurcuselNewborn baby in a potato pose by Lifetime Stories Photography Maternity and Newborn Photographer in Brisbane

I will not force your baby to do a pose if he is not feeling comfortable: I prefer to keep trying new positions till he is happy and we get that happy or relaxed face – I hope you can see this process from Ivaan’s newborn session. Look a look at Ivaan baby’s images, both from his home and from the newborn session: they are simply precious!

Baby Boy wrapped in brown and posed in a crate by Lifetime Stories Photography Brisbane

Now let’s see what Grishma thinks about being a new mum and what she wishes for her baby boy. I am sure that somehow we all felt like that and that the new mums will cherish her experience.
“The world changed when I held my child for the first time. I tried to prepare for this massive shift and thought I was ready, but time stood still. I felt raw, every emotion became magnified. I was clueless as to how I was goanna raise this little human. Will I be doing everything perfectly? What if I missed something or did something wrong? But let me tell you, all new mommas, that babies only need their mama to be present, self-aware, gentle with herself, and grounded.

First breath of baby Ivaan and his parents watching over him with love

For you, mum:

There is no such thing as a “perfect mother”. Being a mum is one of the hardest titles to hold, but one of the most rewarding. Trust your instinct and don’t judge your motherhood or your child by what others are saying. Do not be hard on yourself or get discouraged if you fail. There will be moments you will fall down: get back up and try something else.

For my precious dream child:

At first, I need to tell you that I love you and how complex and meaningful those three words are when they come from me. I can never express how precious you are: I got you after a miscarriage during my first pregnancy. After you were born, there were times I went to bed at night and felt a fear of being a mother: Am I doing okay? Can I be the kind of mother he needs? My heart broke and grew a little bigger each time you passed a milestone, watching the sand fall through the hourglass while feeling overjoyed witnessing you expand and grow.

Sweetheart, as you grow, I want you to cling to these principles, especially when life gets tough:

  • Be respectful – Everyone deserves respect and I want you to show it.
  • Be brave and courageous. Remember how blessed you are.
  • Put your family first.
  • Lastly, I would conclude by reminding you that you are so loved, and you are the most precious jewel I would ever wear around my neck.”

These words are bringing tears to my eyes. I am sure that your eyes and heart are filled with the same tears, and also with the warm feeling of love and baby cuddles.

four months old baby relaxing on his play mat not a newborn anymore life in Brisbane is good
So this is Grishma and her baby Ivaan, born Royal Hospital by C section.

I  know that they are a beautiful, loving and happy family, and I could only wish them all the best in the world. I feel very privileged to have captured Ivaan’s smile, and the warm love from his mum and dad. He will cherish these images for his entire life, and his mama will be with him every step of the way: not only in these images, but also through her words.

Ohhh how much I love seeing his newborn images in his home.

Family portrait in Brisbane home with a newborn baby by Lifetime Stories PhotographyFamily newborn image printed on a wood print by Lifetime Stories Photography Brisbane
Baby Ivaan, I hope you will bring your children and grandchildren to visit me one day ☺ I hope that I will see the day you get to meet your newborn baby, and I hope that I will see the same beautiful smile on his little face.

I hope you have enjoyed these beautiful images of baby Ivaan and his family images as well as her story and I hope you have learned something from this beautiful mama.

My newborn photography sessions  and lifestyle newborn sessions are held in my studio in Rochedale South, just a 20 minutes drive from Brisbane. The best part is that we can do traditional newborn sessions as well as lifestyle sessions.

If you need more details about maternity session, newborn or family sessions please contact me here.

Or give me a call on 0405468587 and we can have a chat about your dream maternity photography session.


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A close up portrait of a 5 weeks baby boy wrapped with a white wrap


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