Client Questionnaire before booking:

Hello XXXXXXXX it’s XXXXXXXXX here from LSP. Is ok to have a chat with me right now?

Choose any:

* You have been – Given a voucher at/by__________________________
* I am calling to help you plan your photography experience as you have won a gift certificate at the ____________________Congratulation, you must be excited.
* General Client: Thanks so much for enquiring about my work.

  1. Start the first yes
    I’d like to start by asking you a few questions about what’s important to you so that I have a really good understanding of what you’re looking for, and then if I think we’re a good fit, I’ll let you know a little more about the maternity/ newborn/family/ experience and you can ask any questions you have. Does that sound ok?

Bonding Time: Just in case we get cut off could I please have your details if needed:
First name____Surname____DOB____Address___PH no______Email________
Family members ______age _________________age__________________age
What are you celebrating: pregnancy/newborn/motherhood/family
Maternity-When are you due?_________________________
How old is baby? Boy or girl?__________________________

How did you hear about me?
2. Get to know them –The Connection
Tell me a bit about your family story; is this your first child?
Talk/ask_____ personal questions about the family, dad, kids, pregnancy…etc get excited, talk back with their words and their energy.
When they say something sweet tell them : Wouldn’t be great to capture that….Emotion
Bring Emotion E – Be Practical P – Tell me more —-expand why, how, etc

3. Tell me XXXXXX, what was it about me or my work that stood out and inspired you to speak/contact me? This is where you invite your client to sell you to themselves!
-Have you ever had a professional photography session before? Yes/No
-How do you want to feel during the session? Do you have a dream image, an outfit or a fav setup?
-What do you want to feel when looking at these images?
-Why are beautiful photos important for you? And what do you plan to do with your photographs? start screening your clients.
-Are you interested in creating wall art or a beautiful heirloom album that your children can show their children… Albums. I love these as I am a mum and my child has one and goes to the album pulls it out and we go through it. Let’s not talk about the time my parents are going through the images,

These is not more precious than sitting with your child in a few years and let him turn the pages, and maybe in 30 year your child will stay with his own children and do the same. But I can imagine you as a grandparent sitting with our grandchild in your arm and tell him the story of their mum. My goal as an artist is for this album to look amazing in 3 years or 30 years.

-What are the most concerns about the sessions? Safety, happiness, your look? Bring up a problem and a solution. Hubby not photogenic etc.

See table and ask/add more questions your sale tactic comes in 


When are you due:


Born on:



How are you feeling

How was birth

What is X____most passionate about

How long have you been together

How is the pregnancy journey

How was your pregnancy journey

What re their words when he does that?

How did you meet

What are you most looking when the baby arrives

(E)Tell me about the moment you hold him for the first time,

: imagine that feeling, that we can make it happen and print it and display it in your home for years to come  (P)

(E)What are his most funny expressions..when we capture that expression would you like to display it in your home?(P)

What attracted you to her/him

How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant

Describe his reaction at the moment  looked at him for the first time

Describe x in 3 words

What do you love the most about your partner

(E)How is your partner feeling..i bet is excited- how amazing will be to capture his kiss on your belly, would you display that on your bedroom wall? (P)

(E)How is your partner feeling about having such a tinny bundle in his arm, ohh I can’t wait to create an image of das big hand with his tinny baby in his palms, and creat the most black and white metal print for his bedroom.(P)

Describe something he does when he is serious

(E)Tell me about a time when you and your partner felt the most connected…so if I could create a portrait that will capture that moment where in the home would you display that?(P)

Describe his reaction when he found out

What is _____brother relationship , what was his reaction/

Describe his relationship with his brothers

What is she/he most passionat about

How long have you planned for the baby

At the moment what thoughts are going through your mind/

How does he make you smile/

What do you love to do together

Describe your living room

Describe the nursery

Describe his room

Describe your fav place in the home?

Describe your day with them

Describe your day with him

Tell me more about your home

Apartment, big home, empty walls, renting.

Do you display and photography art on your walls?

Can you place some on your walls?

Describe the furniture

Do you like everything organised in books and album?

What is your lifestyle


4. Affirm the connection and experience – yes

XXXXXXXName it sounds like we’d be a perfect fit and I’d love to photograph you/your baby/your family.
Would you like me to tell you more about the next steps and how we can work together? Yes

The maternity/ newborn experience starts with a quick planning session with victoria via phone call or zoom. we will send you a short questionnaire about a week before your session and we’ll jump on a call to go over it so I can make sure I know what is most important to you so we don’t miss anything important during your session. I’ll also make sure all of your questions are answered and your mind is at ease.
The sessions are personalised portrait session and unique designed. we have a collections of dresses, materials and props that can be customised just for you, so we will make sure that we capture the most beautiful moments during your session. The session is about an 1 hour to 4 hours (depending on the type of session) and you will come to my beautiful studio, where we capture your maternity, newborn bay , child etc…._and we will celebrate everything you love about it.
The  studio is purpose build, very relaxed and safe with a homely feeling. The session is nice an easy, you come in and I have everything sorted out and ready to go and its quiet a fun experience also. My goal is for you to come at the session relaxed and excited for this amazing time in your life.


5. Address Pain points/Objections : parents are worried make them feel safe (Safe and happy)

A huge concern I hear moms is how they will look in images after they give birth. I make it my mission during a session to make sure you look amazing. I’ll use the right light, angles and direction to make sure you look your best. I would never give you any images that I wouldn’t be proud to hang on my walls if it were me, and I’m pretty picky.
Family images is a must the most important images: I know as a mum, after having a baby you don’t feel like being in the camera. But your baby will look at that image with sweet eyes and love…that’s what he will see. Plus I have all the wardrobe, my posing is flattering and my light is magic.
Will we have any sibling images
Dad is a bit reluctant
Mum not feeling amazing after birth: flattering angle, studio wardrobe, light and ps skills
Don’t miss the maternity session you won’t be able to go back, I’ve heard it so many times
We will take many image / I don’t need only a few images
Distance: my clients comes for interstates as I offer a unique style and each session is tailored and timeless, they believe that these session is so worth the time as it something special for years to cherish.

6. The last step in the Photography experience is your ordering appointment which is after your session or 2 weeks after. This is the big reveal! And It’s seriously the very best part! I’ll show you a slideshow of your images and I’ll have of the best 30 images on hand for you to choose your from. There is something amazing about feeling the prints in your hands when you’re choosing.

How does that sound? DO YOU have any question about the process or keep quiet.

7. How much?

Products and Price or cliend spend in betwwen 779 to 1500 sweet spot -how much- is ok if I talk about pricing? (Is just a number)
Gift certificates/vouchers: with your certificate you will receive a photography session usually at $150 and 200$ towards printed products.
General enquire: We have a booking fee of 199$ paid upfront to reserve the session and this covers your session consolation to talk about your session, then all the products are purchased separately, usually at the viewing session.

With media offers/campaigns: then we may have a $99 or depending on the offer.

I offer an a la carte menu so you can make your own selection, you can choose folio boxes with matted prints, wall art, wall art galleries or albums.
My images start at $199 each and my packages start from $879, so some mums are looking to choose one master gorgeous collage image and spend more on that and others love them all and have to redecorate the entire home with beautiful images in mats. The important part is that you will pick and choose only the images you absolutely love.
I know most of my mums are crying when they see them. After the session at the viewing session I will help you make your final decision and we can design your wall art that suits your style and home design.
I will ask you to take some snap shot of your home walls so I can show you how they will look on your own home
Again a prices question: to give you a precise price is hard as each family is diffrent some are coming with one baby some with 7 kids. Some family spend 500 some more…I also have payments plans and for little as 35$ per week you can get the most amazing collection.


8. Booking
To securing your date on my calendar is really easy. You’ll just have to submit a session agreement and your session fee. The newborn session fee is $199 or whatever offer we have

If you book over the phone today, I’d be happy to take $50 off the session fee for you, so it will only be $100 to secure your date.

9. The close up with a follow up and reassurance
I will send you the booking confirmation and the same info right now, if not I will just pencil you in but I won’t quarantee your spot till the booking payment is done. Does that sound ok? YES

10. Make payment over the phone in square then add in tave and Send booking confirmation e-mail
Contract etc
Client added in a workflow