Maternity Photography Session. Jodi Burgess talks about her experience in my studio.

Pregnant mum laying on the bed and photographed by the Brisbane best maternity photographer Lifetime Stories Photography

Maternity Photography Session. Jodi Burgess talks about her experience in my studio.

How do I see my maternity photography sessions?

My maternity photography sessions are held in my home studio in Rochedale South Brisbane.

The first thing I ask a pregnant mum is: how far in their pregnancy are they? I love photographing the baby belly between 32 to 37 weeks into the pregnancy, as at this time the mum still feels comfortable to move without putting any constrains on her body.

If you want to read more about maternity sessions you can find the information Here.

Jodi’e session was done a little bit late in her pregnancy. She was feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the growth of her belly, the pain in her back and the tiredness of taking care of 2 other children. Even though she seemed really worried, I made sure that she stayed relaxed and I assured her that I will take the most amazing images she ever saw of herself.

I did arrange my studio in a way that would help her body relax when needed, turned up the air conditioning and fans in the studio to keep my studio cool over the entire sessions, and we did stop every time she felt a little bit tired or the pose was too much for her body.

I specialise in maternity and newborn photography  and I used lots of materials to wrap her body and posed her in the best way to flatter her body.

Now let’s hear Jodie’s story, how she felt during the maternity sessions  and have a look at her gorgeous images.

Jodi’s view on her pregnancy journey and her maternity session!

In just a few weeks I’m expecting Baby number 3. But this is not just any pregnancy. It’s my 3rd Miracle pregnancy.

maternity photography Pregnant mum photographed in a white dress during her maternity session in my studio in Rochedale South Brisbane

I still remember the devastation I felt when Dr’s told me I had PCOS and it was unlikely I would conceive. It was like my world fell out from underneath me. I couldn’t breathe or think straight. It took 5 years of tears and heartache and praying for a miracle before our first baby would be conceived. We couldn’t believe we had been blessed with this miracle! It was unreal. 2.5 years after our daughter was born, we had our son. Another miracle! And now, here we are, 2.5 years since our son arrived and we are just weeks from meeting our 2nd beautiful baby girl. All those years of heartache and there’s still an emotional scar in my heart to remind me of what we went through. Not as a depressing reminder of an emotional and heart-wrenching time, but a reminder that we got through one of the most difficult journeys we would ever go through and now we have 3 amazing miracles to be so insanely thankful for.

When I found out I was pregnant a 3rd time I couldn’t believe it. Of course, I couldn’t wait to tell my nearest and dearest. Over the last year or so I had come to know, love and journey with 2 beautiful fellow photographers and I just had to tell them straight away. I knew I wanted them both to be part of capturing my Newborn and Maternity Photos. Victoria has an incredible gift with photography, both with Newborns and Maternity images. But it’s her incredible work with pregnant mum’s that I adored the most. The posing and styling had me in awe every time.

As a Plus Size Mum I was initially nervous to ask her to do my Maternity Photos.

I didn’t see myself as beautiful. I was definitely not going to look good, let alone fit into, any of the gowns she would have and comparing myself to the other gorgeous Mumma’s she had worked with I never thought I could look that good. My previous Maternity Sessions had been outdoor family sessions. I’d never done Studio Images before. But I took the plunge and nervously asked if she would be willing to give it a shot working with this bumpy, lumpy, overweight pregnant Mumma. I knew that if anyone was going to do my photos and help me change into outfits without judging my body it was going to be Victoria. She has the most amazing, genuine heart and I don’t think there’s a mean or judgemental bone in her body. So I felt safe to be vulnerable in the studio with her.

Pregnant mum draped with a golden silk material over her body for her maternity photography session

The day of the session arrived and, although I felt safe, I was still nervous. But when I walked in and saw what Victoria had prepared for our session, my nerves quickly disappeared. Everything was beautiful. She made me feel so at ease. She was prepared, she had a vision for me, she had thought through how she was going to pose me and I felt like a million dollars. The styling was amazing and everything I could have hoped for…and more! She helped me into a gown, she wrapped me in fabric, she posed me like a model, she was patient when I needed a break because I had aches and pains, and every time she posed me and took her shot she smiled at me telling me how beautiful I looked…and for the first time, I believed it. I left feeling so good about myself and excited to see the photos.

Nothing prepared me for seeing the photos for the first time.

Pregnant mum dressed in white with backlight behind her for a maternity photography session

I can’t even begin to express how amazing and empowered I felt looking at the images that celebrated, not just my pregnancy, but me as a woman…a plus size woman! Victoria was so careful to pose me and work on the images in a way that was flattering and empowering and I honestly couldn’t be happier with the outcome! I will be forever grateful for what Victoria has given me with these images.

Maternity photography in Rochedale South Brisbane by Victoria Burcusel from Lifetime Stories Photography

This is our last baby. I’m so glad I got to celebrate my last pregnancy with these precious memories that Victoria has captured. Nothing can top that!

Maternity image of a pregnant mum dressed in a black dress

I hope you have enjoyed her story as much as I enjoyed photographing her!

The lifestyle maternity sessions are usually done using my bed set up. This area has beautiful natural light and will be designed just for you.

Want more advice about maternity photography sessions?
I am more than happy to run through my maternity photography services and packages with you to give you a better understanding of what’s involved to capture the most precious images of your pregnancy. If you want to make a gift for your friend I do offer Vouchers also.

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See you in the studio!
X Victoria

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